Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine Character Descriptions

Honeyman, Gail
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This 30-year-old character develops a crush on a musician and, in the process, both unravels and heals from the emotional trauma of her childhood.


This character works in the IT department at Eleanor’s work and becomes an emotional support and dear friend of hers throughout the course of the novel.


This character is an elderly man who falls and is rescued by Eleanor and Raymond. Eleanor and Raymond visit this character in the hospital and grow close with the family members.


This character is an abusive narcissist who started a fire, intending to kill two young children. Eleanor is haunted by the lies and judgment that this character has taught her.


This character is a glamorous child of Sammy’s, who cuts Eleanor’s hair, making it all shiny. This character also goes on a few dates with Raymond.

Mrs. Gibbons

This character...

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