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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of the king?

2. Where is Fafnir found?

3. What mark is branded onto the woman?

4. Who kills Helgi?

5. What item does Thor set out to find?

Short Essay Questions

1. What incident occurs as Helgi rests after killing Hunding?

2. How does Thor deceive the ogre?

3. How does Gudrun proclaim her innocence?

4. What is offered to Gunnar and Hogni in exchange for their presence at Atli's hall?

5. What is Herborg's tale of woe?

6. Why does Thrym steal and hide Thor's hammer? Does Thrym's plan work?

7. According to Sigrdrifa how can Sigurd avoid being charmed by another man's wife?

8. What does Gripir predict in regard to the prince's daughter?

9. What is the prophecy given by Freyia in regards to the gods?

10. Who were some of the casualties in battle? How did the deaths affect Sigrun?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The tales in the Elder Edda are often repetitive. Some are retold in another point of view while others are almost identical to other poems. Explain the use of the repetition and why it was so common. Why do you think that the names and/or spellings sometimes changed from one account to the next?

Essay Topic 2

Treachery was everywhere in the Eddas. People constantly deceived one another for personal gain or revenge. Many acts were considered to be treachery when they were not. List at least five different examples of treachery. Include details surrounding each case. Were any of the cases linked? If so, how?

Essay Topic 3

In several Eddas, people had their hearts cut out. What is the purpose of cutting out a person's heart? What was done with the heart once it was removed? Was the action one of spite or magic? Give examples of each and how the act affected the Edda.

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