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Short Answer Questions

1. What item does Thrym steal?

2. Near what river did Sigurd die?

3. Sigurd and Regin meet after Sigurd purchases which item?

4. What kind of spell had been cast on Sigrdrifa?

5. Which animals travel with Thor's party?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Gudrun angry with her sons?

2. Who were the three Valkyries found spinning near Wolf Lake?

3. How do Sorli and Hamdir react when they meet Erp on the road?

4. What challenge does Hymir issue to Thor to prove his superior strength?

5. How does Loki behave once insulted at Hymir's Hall?

6. What does Sigrun's maid think when she sees Helgi riding into his grave?

7. How does Odin test Geirrod?

8. What confession is made by Vingi? Who is Vingi?

9. How does Gudrun proclaim her innocence?

10. Describe what happened when King Hraudung's sons went out on a fishing expedition.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As in most literature, love triangles are often the cause of pain and death. The same is true in the Eddas. In some cases, there is no actual infidelity, only the desire to have another's mate for your own. Discuss the moral implications of thought versus deed in regards to infidelity.

Essay Topic 2

Loki is one of the most famous characters in Norse mythology as well as being extremely powerful. However, stories are often conflicted about Loki's true nature. Write your opinion regarding Loki's character. Was Loki a trickster or a devil? Was Loki mischievous or evil? Give examples of some of Loki's acts.

Essay Topic 3

Sigurd's and Brynhild's deaths bring about the aspect of Norse life regarding burial rites. Compare and contrast the burial rites of a hero versus a peasant. What is the major difference? Who typically handles the burial rites? Who was in charge of the funerals for Sigurd and Brynhild?

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