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Objective: This pair of Eddas, The Seeress's Prophecy (Voluspa) and Sayings of the High One (Havamal), deals with the basis of Norse culture and how its people are supposed to act. Discuss the words of wisdom offered in this first Edda.

1. The Norse were consummate travelers. Discuss the topic of travel and how it relates to this Edda. What advice is given to the traveler? Is it good advice? What do you think is the most important piece of wisdom for the traveler? Explain. What items should a traveler always have at hand? Why? What items, if any, did the author forget to include in the list of necessities?

2. Make a list of the things you would need if going off on a Viking adventure. Assume that you will be traveling by longboat. Modernize the list to fit your lifestyle and needs. Share with the class.

3. The...

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