Elder Edda Character Descriptions

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Aesir - A race of Norse sky gods.

Agnar - This character is the son of King Hunding and the brother of King Geirrod.

Loki - This character is the trickster god.

Alvis - This character attempts to steal the god Thor's daughter away to marry her as the price of Thor's great hammer, Mjollnir.

Andvari - This character is a dwarf who was fated to take the shape of a pike.

Angantyr - This character's father, Arngrim, won in battle a sword called Tyrfing.

Atli - This character is the ruler of the Huns.

Balder - This character is the favorite son of Odin and Frigg.

Bodvild - This character is the daughter of King Nidudd.

Borghild - This character is Sigmund's wife and Helgi Hunding's Bane's mother.

Bragi - This character is the god of poetry.

Brynhild - This character is Atli's sister and...

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