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The Seeress's Prophecy (Voluspa) | Sayings of the High One (Havamal)

The Seeress's Prophecy (Voluspa):

• Odin travels to visit the Seeress to learn about past, present, and future.

• The Seeress tells tales of Norse history, including giants, dwarves, and the tree of life.

• The Seeress tells of the future, which parallels Christian Revelations.

Sayings of the High One (Havamal):

• Poem contains Norse wisdom.

• Guests should be wary but welcome.

• Men are told to act wise, not foolishly.

• Men should eat meals early.

• Men should always be clean and dress as best they can.

• Women's words should not be trusted because they are emotion-based.

• The frost-giants ask for Odin's advice.

Vafthrudnir's Sayings (Vafthrudnismal) | Grimnir's Sayings (Grimnismal)

• King Hraudung's sons go out fishing and become stranded on an island.

• An old man and woman care for the men.

• The old man and woman turn out to be Odin and Frigg.

• Geirrod...

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