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Short Answer Questions

1. How far away is the bobby station?

2. What does Mrs. Richards say when Louis asks if Clair is close to anyone?

3. Where does the narrator believe is the safest possible place?

4. How long ago did Jones first notice trouble between Charles and Johnson?

5. Why is the narrator told he must submit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the Foster's doing because it was recommended and because they are tired of tourism?

2. When Mrs. Richards bets a woman is fattening Louis up for the fry, about what does Louis think?

3. What does Charles do that is unlike Detroit-born mechanics and what does he think will happen as a result of this?

4. What does the narrator say that he is enough of a realist to accept?

5. What does Clair talk about during her part of the dinner?

6. What happens when Charles interrupts his attorney's summation?

7. Describe the Redeemer's friends as he sees them.

8. Who is Nelson Reed and what does he become?

9. What does Jed Jones say happened after he heard the shots?

10. What does Paul do after months of silence at the mental hospital?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Why I like Country Music" - In what ways is square dancing used as a symbol of differing world views? What are these views? Which view do you best relate to and why?

Essay Topic 2

"A Loaf of Bread" - Of what are Brown and the white bread symbolic? Who do you think was right, Nelson, Harold, or neither? Why do you think this way?

Essay Topic 3

"The Story of a Scar"- In what ways does the woman believe men should think about women? How does this compare to how the narrator (a man) points out they do think about women? In what way do these ideas relate to how the story ends?

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