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"Why I like Country Music"

• The narrator of the story is married to Gloria.

• Gloria is from New York and does not like country music or anything she relates to the south.

• The narrator, on the other hand, has fond memories of square dancing when he was growing up in South Carolina and reflects on his fourth grade year.
• He fell in "love" with Gweneth Lawson who had a brown neck, braids and ribbons. He remembers her smelling of lemons.

• His teacher was strict and tried to raise the boys in the class to be ready to get married someday.

• Many of the boys in the class loved Gweneth, but the narrator's main rival was Leon who always seemed to outshine him.

• On May Day the class was to square dance and have a celebration of plaiting the maypole.
• The narrator saw that Gweneth was in the plaiters...

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