Eisenhower: Soldier and President Fun Activities

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Time Line

Create a time line that traces the life of Eisenhower from when he was a young boy to his death. The time line should include his family, West Point, marriage, appointments in the army, wars, presidency and major events, such as summits. Students should then create a master time line to put on display in the class.

Crossword Puzzle

Students should create a crossword puzzle that has both across and down answers focusing on Eisenhower's life, other significant people in the book, such as McCarthy, Fox Conner, and others, as well as important events in the book. Students should try to limit the hint to four to six words and create a key or answers to the crossword puzzle. Students should exchange their crossword puzzle with another student and grade their responses with the crossword puzzle key.


Students should imagine that they are living sometime...

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