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Chapter 1-3

• Chapter 1 outlines information about Eisenhower's life, tracing his youth and family life, including his parents and siblings.

• Eisenhower's interest in military history and sports helped form his military life as a commander and motivator.

• After graduating from West Point, Eisenhower was stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas where he met his future wife. Over the coming months, he was moved several times, but he wanted to be on the front lines.

• Eisenhower wanted to see combat and was elated when he was set to leave for France, but was disappointed when Germans signed an armistice.
• In Chapter 2, Eisenhower met Fox Conner, a friend who played an important role in his life.

• Conner and Eisenhower were stationed at the Panama Canal Zone at the end of 1921.

• Conner encouraged Eisenhower to prepare himself for the next war and helped him enrolled in a Command and General Staff School...

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