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Alan Lightman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the man in the leather jacket work at in Berne?
(a) A tavern.
(b) A pharmaceutical.
(c) A bank.
(d) A brasserie.

2. In the world described in the "11 May 1905" dream, what does the passage of time bring?
(a) Increasing anxiety.
(b) Decreasing order.
(c) Decreasing anxiety.
(d) Increasing order.

3. Why does the terrace of the Bundesterrasse have a striking view?
(a) Because of the view of the square.
(b) Because of the view of the cathedral.
(c) Because of the view of the Bundes Falls.
(d) Because of the Aare river and the Bernese Alps.

4. According to the narrator, what is the physical body?
(a) A thing to be ordered, not obeyed.
(b) A mass of organisms that pull in different directions at all times.
(c) A thing to be obeyed, not ordered.
(d) A mass of organisms that pull in only one direction.

5. Finish the following line: "A world in which time is absolute is a world of ____________."
(a) Consolation.
(b) Supremacy.
(c) Immediacy.
(d) Unpredictability.

Short Answer Questions

1. One day before the end of the world, how are the streets described?

2. Why will schools close a year before the end of the world?

3. Where did Basso and Einstein meet?

4. What do travelers from the future envy?

5. What is the name of Basso's wife?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the young man in the 17 June 1905 dream leave his lover and tell her he cannot see her again?

2. Explain what the following statement means: Each time is true, but the truths are not the same.

3. What is the tragedy of the world described in the 10 May 1905 dream?

4. How is pride created for inhabitants of cites in the 20 June 1905 dream world?

5. Why have some inhabitants of the 29 May 1905 world become frustrated and despondent?

6. Why does Besso think that Einstein is capable of anything?

7. For the world described in the 11 May 1905 dream, describe the differences between the past and the future.

8. What are the benefits of living in a world in which cause and effect are erratic?

9. How does the narrator describe the phenomenon of people only living one day in the 3 June 1905 dream?

10. Describe the people who live by "bodily time."

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