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Alan Lightman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the narrator, without commitment there is what?
(a) Hate.
(b) Sadness.
(c) Chaos.
(d) Upheaval.

2. In what month is the Prologue set?
(a) August.
(b) June.
(c) July.
(d) September.

3. In the "3 May 1905" dream, what have most people learned how to do?
(a) Live in the past.
(b) Live for the future.
(c) Live in fear.
(d) Live in the moment.

4. According to the "4 May 1905" dream, "If time and the passage of events are the same" what happens to time?
(a) People move very fast.
(b) Time barely moves at all.
(c) People barely move at all.
(d) Time moves very fast.

5. Why does Einstein want to understand time?
(a) To slow time down.
(b) To get close to The Old One.
(c) To speed time up.
(d) To be able to plan his life more accordingly.

Short Answer Questions

1. For the town described in the "4 May 1905" dream, times passes, but what happens?

2. Finish the following line: "A world in which time is absolute is a world of ____________."

3. In the world described in the "11 May 1905" dream, what does the passage of time bring?

4. According to the narrator in the "3 May 1905" dream, a world of sincerity is also a world of what?

5. One day before the end of the world, how are the streets described?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do people not feel free in the 18 June 1905 dream?

2. According to the first Interlude, why is Besso worried about Einstein?

3. For the world described in the 29 May 1905 dream, why are the inhabitants constantly in motion?

4. Why was the creation of the Great Clock horrifying for humankind?

5. Why are some people unhappy in the world where time exists as a circle?

6. According to the 3 June 1905 dream, describe how a person born in December exists.

7. What happens when there is only one day until the end of the world?

8. What effect does height have in the 26 April 1905 dream?

9. How is pride created for inhabitants of cites in the 20 June 1905 dream world?

10. What are the problems associated with living in different cities in the world described in the 20 June 1905 dream?

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