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Alan Lightman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the narrator in the "22 May 1905" dream, a world that gives brief scenes from the future, what kinds of risks do people take?
(a) None at all.
(b) Everything a person does is a risk.
(c) Only the risks that concern their children.
(d) Few.

2. According to the "29 May 1905" dream, how does the world exist?
(a) In slow motion.
(b) In a state of constant order.
(c) In a state of distress.
(d) In constant motion.

3. Where does Besso invite Einstein to come to at the close of the second Interlude?
(a) To dinner at Besso's home.
(b) To the Colombia Restaurant for dinner.
(c) To dinner at the Basin Park Hotel.
(d) To the Ristorante Cooperativo for dinner.

4. What actions of Einstein's surprised Besso when he looked like Einstein does now?
(a) When Einstein quit his own job to care for Besso.
(b) When Einstein took a leave from work to travel with Besso on a personal health vacation.
(c) Einstein took Besso into his home and cared for him for a month.
(d) When Einstein came to Besso's home to care for him.

5. What is the paper on that Einstein set on Besso's desk (as told in the second Interlude)?
(a) Relativity.
(b) Electromagnetics.
(c) Electrodynamics.
(d) Transformation equations.

6. What does the middle-aged man receive during the "2 June 1905" dream?
(a) A Nobel Prize for physics.
(b) A Humanitarian Award.
(c) The Georg B├╝chner Prize.
(d) A Nobel Prize for literature.

7. What is happening in the young woman's house in the "15 June 1905" dream?
(a) Her home is on fire.
(b) Her home is being robbed.
(c) Her parents are fighting.
(d) She is having an argument with her boyfriend.

8. How does time move in the world described in the 2 June 1905 dream?
(a) Backwards with exceptions.
(b) Backwards with no consciousness by those growing younger.
(c) Backwards with spurts of forward movement.
(d) Backward.

9. What is Einstein eating in the second Interlude?
(a) Banbury tarts.
(b) Crackers.
(c) Sweet potato croquettes.
(d) Cottolene.

10. What is the young woman staring at in the end of the "15 June 1905" dream?"
(a) A photo of her with her newborn child.
(b) A photo of her daughter as a child.
(c) A photo of her as a child.
(d) A photo of her getting married.

11. In the world described in the "3 June 1905" dream, how do people learn about the seasons?
(a) Through museums.
(b) Through pictures.
(c) Through notes from the dead.
(d) From books.

12. According to the "22 May 1905" dream, how does time flow in the world described?
(a) In accelerating spurts.
(b) In alternating phases of fast and slow.
(c) Unevenly and fitfully.
(d) Smoothly and consistently.

13. What does the narrator want readers to "suppose" in the "9 June 1905" dream?
(a) That people die only after they have achieved their dreams.
(b) That people live forever.
(c) That time exists in a vacuum.
(d) That life exists in several dimensions at the same time.

14. How is the population of the cities in the "9 June 1905" dreams split?
(a) In four: The Laters, the Nows, the Nevers, and the Always.
(b) In two: The Laters and the Nows.
(c) In three: The Laters, the Nows, and the Nevers.
(d) In three: The Laters, the Nows, the Intentionals.

15. Who is carried into the woman's home (in the "2 June 1905" dream)?
(a) Her grandmother.
(b) Her husband.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her sister.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the "15 June 1905 dream," where is the young woman at the end of the dream?

2. How can Besso tell that Einstein is making progress on his theory?

3. When does Besso remember looking like Einstein as he is now (second Interlude)?

4. What does the narrator want readers to "suppose" time is in the "10 June 1905" dream?

5. In the "17 June 1905" dream, why does the young man tell his lover that he cannot see her again?

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