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Alan Lightman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the second Interlude, what is the first dialogue between Besso and Einstein that the reader comes across?
(a) Besso asking Einstein how his theory is going.
(b) Besso telling Einstein he does not look well.
(c) Besso telling Einstein that he needs to see a doctor.
(d) Besso asking Einstein if he is ill.

2. How is the world described in the "15 June 1905" dream?
(a) Time is a visible dimension.
(b) Time is reversible.
(c) Time is oblivious to all inhabitants.
(d) Time is negotiable.

3. According to the "5 June 1905" dream, how does this world seem?
(a) Erratic.
(b) Common.
(c) Blinding.
(d) Homogeneous.

4. In the "15 June 1905 dream," where is the young woman at the end of the dream?
(a) In her bed.
(b) In her parent's home.
(c) In a nursing home.
(d) In her husband's home.

5. According to the dream on 3 June 1905, what is life a brief movement of?
(a) Shadows.
(b) A clock hand.
(c) A snowflake.
(d) Arms and legs.

6. According to the "20 May 1905 dream, what must people do at the end of the day?
(a) Follow a path created by string to find their way home.
(b) Call their loved ones to come get them.
(c) Consult an address book to learn where they live.
(d) Pray.

7. What are gaps described as in this world's time, the "17 June 1905" dream?
(a) So noticeable that people are confused.
(b) Somewhat noticeable that people make small readjustments and continue.
(c) So overly noticeable that some people go insane.
(d) Imperceptible.

8. What is happening in the young woman's house in the "15 June 1905" dream?
(a) She is having an argument with her boyfriend.
(b) Her home is being robbed.
(c) Her parents are fighting.
(d) Her home is on fire.

9. What invention preceded the notice of the "speed effect"?
(a) Da Vinci's invention of the parachute.
(b) Newton's invention of the laws of universal gravitation and motion.
(c) The invention of the internal combustion engine.
(d) The Wright Brothers' invention of the first engine plane.

10. What happens to the woman described in the "2 June 1905" dream?
(a) She grows younger.
(b) She grows younger but with significantly devastating side effects.
(c) She awakens each day not knowing how old she will be.
(d) She grows younger rapidly from old woman to young woman in less than a week.

11. In the third Interlude, what does Besso say that he sees in the clouds?
(a) A dog chasing a child.
(b) A dog chasing a rabbit.
(c) A man on a horse.
(d) A goat chasing a man.

12. How do the Laters walk and dress?
(a) The Laters walk when they have to only and wear bed-clothes at all times.
(b) The Laters walk with an easy gait and dress in loose fitting clothes.
(c) The Laters walk hurriedly so as to not be accosted into doing something now and they wear robes.
(d) The Laters walk absentmindedly and wear long dress like clothing.

13. How does the narrator describe births, marriages, and deaths in the 15 June 1905 dream?
(a) Doors to choose to enter.
(b) Overly significant happenings.
(c) Signposts in time.
(d) Insignificant happenings.

14. According to Besso, what does Einstein live without?
(a) Love.
(b) Hate.
(c) Pain.
(d) Passion.

15. What is the young woman staring at in the end of the "15 June 1905" dream?"
(a) A photo of her getting married.
(b) A photo of her daughter as a child.
(c) A photo of her as a child.
(d) A photo of her with her newborn child.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the clouds appear, in the "17 June 1905" dream, after a gap in time?

2. What do all of the people of the world described in the "9 June 1905" dream have in common?

3. What animal are people who heed time compared to in the 3 June 1905 dream?

4. Who is the author of the paper that Einstein left on Besso's desk?

5. What does the middle-aged man receive during the "2 June 1905" dream?

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