Einstein's Dreams Short Essay - Answer Key

Alan Lightman
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1. Describe Einstein's appearance at the patent office.

Einstein is slumping at his desk at the patent office. He seems unconcerned with his appearance at all. His hair is not combed and the pants he has on are too big for him.

2. How does Einstein's desk differ from the others in the patent office?

Einstein's desk in the patent office is unlike all other desks. Einstein's desk is cluttered with half-opened books. The other desks in the patent office are neat and organized. The other clerks will be able to sit and begin work immediately, without having to search for anything, unlike Einstein.

3. What is the problem living life within the confines of solitary moments? (14 April 1905)

The problem living life as a solitary moment is that, according to the 14 April dream, time is a circle. People will re-live their lives repeatedly. According to the dream, parents do not need to treasure a child's first laugh because it will be experienced again.

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