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Alan Lightman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 18 June 1905 through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Basso's wife?
(a) Anna.
(b) Freja.
(c) Svea.
(d) Viveka.

2. What does the woman in the "2 June 1905" dream begin teaching?
(a) Literature.
(b) History.
(c) Anthropology.
(d) Science.

3. According to the narrator, what do parents treasure given they think they may not witness it again?
(a) Their child's first smile.
(b) Their child's first laugh.
(c) Their child's first words.
(d) Their child's first cry.

4. Where do the people gather in the "18 June 1905" dream?
(a) Marseilles.
(b) Rome.
(c) Paris.
(d) Zurich.

5. Who is the author of the paper that Einstein left on Besso's desk?
(a) Maxwell.
(b) Lorentz.
(c) Kaiser.
(d) Zeeman.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the "15 June 1905" dream, what is the young woman staring at?

2. What is the narrator's explanation of such a short life in the "3 June 1905" dream?

3. According to the narrator in the "22 May 1905" dream, a world that gives brief scenes from the future, what kinds of risks do people take?

4. What do all of the people of the world described in the "9 June 1905" dream have in common?

5. How does a traveler from the future talk?

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