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Alan Lightman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 11 June 1905 through Interlude.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the Swiss and English couples meet yearly?
(a) Verona.
(b) Prague.
(c) St. Moritz.
(d) Rome.

2. Where does Besso invite Einstein to come to at the close of the second Interlude?
(a) To the Ristorante Cooperativo for dinner.
(b) To dinner at Besso's home.
(c) To dinner at the Basin Park Hotel.
(d) To the Colombia Restaurant for dinner.

3. Who has Besso received a letter from announcing a visit?
(a) His brother.
(b) His uncle.
(c) His sister.
(d) His father.

4. Finish the following line: "A world in which time is absolute is a world of ____________."
(a) Unpredictability.
(b) Immediacy.
(c) Consolation.
(d) Supremacy.

5. In the "15 June 1905" dream, what is the young woman staring at?
(a) A photograph of her dog.
(b) A photograph of her as a child.
(c) A photograph of her boyfriend.
(d) A photograph of a swing in her yard.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the "4 May 1905" dream, "If time and the passage of events are the same" what happens to time?

2. Where is Besso's visitor from?

3. According to the narrator in the "28 April 1905" dream, what is visible in all places?

4. What can a person see from the cafe on the corner of Kramagasse and Theaterplatz?

5. What actions of Einstein's surprised Besso when he looked like Einstein does now?

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