Objects & Places from Einstein's Dreams

Alan Lightman
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Berne, Switzerland

This is the where Einstein has most of his dreams about time and where he lives while he works as a patent clerk in 1905.

The Patent Office

This is where Albert Einstein comes in early to work on his theories and where one of his coworkers types his scientific articles for him.

The Aare River

This geographical landmark runs through Berne, Switzerland.


This is the market street in Berne, Switzerland.

Nydegg Bridge

This is a meeting place and a prominent local feature in Einstein's dreams.


This is a residential street and the location where the time traveler hides in the shadows.

St. Moritz

Two couples meet in this location during their yearly vacation in the May 4th dream.

Book of Life

In the May 20th dream, where there is no memory, people keep this object to remember their own pasts.

The Photograph

This object...

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