Einstein's Dreams Fun Activities

Alan Lightman
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The Great Clock Creation

Have students create a representation of the Great Clock. They can use whatever media they believe to be the most suitable for the project.

Einstein's Dreams Onstage

Have students create a play based on the novel. Assign parts of the characters, create a playbill, create scenery, and put on a play.

A Map of Time

Have students create a timeline that designates the different times in the novel. They need to use only material from the novel to design this map of time.

A Doctor's Prognosis

Have students "diagnose" Einstein. Based on the information Besso provides, have students research the most recent DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) and try to figure out what may be Einstein's disorder. Have students write up a fictional prognosis for Einstein and present it to the class. (This is a fictional project; this is not to say that Einstein...

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