Einstein's Dreams Character Descriptions

Alan Lightman
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Albert Einstein

This character's dreams drive the character to find the truth about time.

Michele Besso

This character is the main character's best friend.

The Wife Whose Husband Is Dying of Cancer

This character is unaware this moment has been lived before and will continue repeating it in a cycle throughout time in the April 14th dream.

The Time Traveler

This character, accidentally set back in time, sits and waits in the shadows, afraid to do anything for fear of changing time in the April 16th dream.

Peter Klausen

This character does not like dust on clothes and will stop to clean any dirt off, which could set into motion a string of events that will prevent the founding of the European Union almost 75 years later.

The Man in the Leather Coat on the Balcony Making a Decision

This character moves along three paths simultaneously in the April...

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