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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does April decide after she receives the item from her mother around Christmas time?
(a) She declines to visit her mother.
(b) She writes a letter to her mother explaining that she will continue to live with Caroline.
(c) She decides to live with her mother after the end of the school year.
(d) She plans to visit her mother.

2. Who is the first participant in the Oracle of Thoth?
(a) April.
(b) Elizabeth.
(c) Ken.
(d) Melanie.

3. Why does Marshall apologize to April?
(a) Because he was not able to help her.
(b) Because he did not cooperate with her.
(c) Because he kept crying.
(d) Because he dropped her math book, and she still does not have it.

4. Who is selected to be the Oracle?
(a) Nefertiti.
(b) Isis.
(c) Set.
(d) Thoth.

5. Why are the Egyptians unable to return to their game during Christmas break?
(a) They are grounded.
(b) There is a new lock on the gate.
(c) The temple has been dismantled.
(d) There is a new board on the fence and they cannot enter.

6. What news does April receive in a letter from her mother?
(a) She thinks April should be able to return to Hollywood soon.
(b) She lands a part in a Hollywood movie.
(c) She is married, so April cannot come home.
(d) She is singing more now, in hopes of getting a recording career.

7. What happens to Elizabeth's pet parakeet, Petey?
(a) It is killed by a cat.
(b) It is sold to an old woman in the neighborhood.
(c) It gets sick and dies.
(d) It flies away.

8. Why is Security missing?
(a) Marshall gave it to Elizabeth, who forgot what she did with it.
(b) Marshall brought it to nursery school, and he left it there by accident.
(c) Marshall took a bus ride with his mother and left it on the bus.
(d) The Egyptians left in such a rush that everyone forgot about Security.

9. Why does everyone think something strange is going on in Egypt?
(a) Someone also answered April's question.
(b) Everything has been rearranged.
(c) It appears that someone has been performing ceremonies while the Egyptians are not there.
(d) A few of the Egyptians mention seeing a shadow lurking on the outskirts of Egypt.

10. Where is Security found?
(a) At a lost and found.
(b) Under the statue of Set.
(c) At nursery school.
(d) At Marshall's house.

11. How does the Oracle of Thoth work?
(a) There is a festival.
(b) The priest or priestess pretends to fall into a trance and answer questions.
(c) Someone leaves a question to be answered in Thoth's beak.
(d) The Egyptians use Oracle bones to make soup.

12. What does April receive from her mother around Christmas time?
(a) A post card telling April she is having a wonderful vacation in Mexico.
(b) A letter inviting April to return to live with her.
(c) A letter explaining that April will never be able to live with her again.
(d) A card inviting April to spend part of her vacation with her in Palm Springs.

13. What does Melanie suggest to Marshall about Security?
(a) That perhaps he left Security at nursery school.
(b) That Security is safe in Egypt.
(c) That Security would turn up somewhere.
(d) Someone probably turned it in at a lost and found.

14. Who performs the Ceremony of Returning to the Oracle for the Answer?
(a) April.
(b) Melanie.
(c) Elizabeth.
(d) Toby.

15. What do Ken and Toby tell their basketball friends about why they have been absent from the game?
(a) They have been grounded since Halloween.
(b) They have to help a neighbor after school.
(c) They have an after-school job.
(d) They are working on an extra credit project for school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when April and Marshall leave Egypt after visiting at night?

2. What does April find when she takes the piece of paper from Thoth's beak?

3. What happens that allows Melanie and April to return to Egypt?

4. What does Marshall tell the police that the Professor did that night when he and April left Egypt?

5. Who presides over the Oracle of Thoth ceremony?

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