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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is another issue for April and Melanie about the new family in Casa Rosada?
(a) There are too many children in the new family.
(b) They are not being compensated for their assistance.
(c) They do not think they can be of much assistance.
(d) Elizabeth is too young to be their friend.

2. Who are the first children that April meets?
(a) Elizabeth and Dorothea.
(b) Melanie and Marshall.
(c) Toby and Ken.
(d) Melissa and Amy.

3. What is the female head of household looking for?
(a) A job.
(b) A babysitter.
(c) Someone to move a cabinet.
(d) A reliable car.

4. What do April and Melanie find on their way to school?
(a) A "crocodile stone".
(b) A decorative "ceremony" bottle.
(c) An amulet.
(d) A scorpion ring.

5. What assures the children that the Professor is not watching them?
(a) The back window is caked with dirt.
(b) The lean-to blocks the view from the Professor's shop.
(c) They see customers coming in and out of his shop.
(d) The bushes are overgrown in the yard.

6. What do April and Melanie decide to make to accompany the bust of Nefertiti?
(a) A tablet with hieroglyphics.
(b) A sphynx.
(c) A pyramid.
(d) A statue of Set.

7. How do the Egyptians know when to act on their plan?
(a) They will give each other a look.
(b) They will wait until it is time to go home.
(c) They look for a sign.
(d) They will listen for the clock in the town square to strike seven.

8. Why does Melanie go home when visiting April the night before school begins?
(a) Caroline tells the girls it is time to go to bed.
(b) She and April have a fight.
(c) She promised to read a book to Marshall before bed.
(d) Melanie wants to get her school supplies ready.

9. What material do April and Melanie use to make their accompaniment to the Nefertiti bust?
(a) Modeling clay.
(b) Papier-mache.
(c) Wood.
(d) Plaster of Paris.

10. What does April do while the others are waiting outside of Egypt on their night-time visit?
(a) She sets out four cushions to sit on.
(b) She arranges the statues.
(c) She sweeps the temple.
(d) She lights candles.

11. To what do the children attribute the changes to Egypt after they return from their hiatus?
(a) To a curse on the temple.
(b) To Set's evil powers and Nefertiti's beauty.
(c) To the powers of Isis and the crocodile stone.
(d) To someone who has broken into Egypt.

12. What does April find in Melanie's room during their first encounter?
(a) Books.
(b) Dress up clothes.
(c) Make up.
(d) Dolls.

13. What is April's mother's profession?
(a) She is an accountant
(b) She is an aspiring movie actress.
(c) She is a cleaning lady.
(d) She is a nurse.

14. What does Melanie bring to April's house the night before school begins?
(a) Books.
(b) Make-up.
(c) Brownies.
(d) Art supplies.

15. Where did April get the name with which she introduces herself to Melanie?
(a) From a story in a magazine.
(b) From her love of Egypt.
(c) Her grandmother studied their family geneology.
(d) Her mother is known in Hollywood as Dorthea Dawn.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many children are there in the new family in Casa Rosada?

2. What are April's worries before she begins school?

3. Why are the children afraid of the Professor?

4. Where do April and Melanie place what they find on the way to school?

5. What do April and Melanie decide regarding the new family?

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