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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the first things April does after she arrives in the new neighborhood?
(a) She observes everything from her window.
(b) She writes letters home.
(c) She looks at maps of the area.
(d) She explores the neighborhood.

2. Who is the most interested in visiting Egypt on Halloween night?
(a) Elizabeth.
(b) April.
(c) Melanie.
(d) Marshall.

3. Why are the children afraid of the Professor?
(a) Because of his large size.
(b) Because he yells at them and posts signs.
(c) Because of his silence and his appearance.
(d) Because of the customers that frequent his store.

4. What does April interpret as the sign to break off from the trick-or-treating group?
(a) A lunar eclipse.
(b) A shooting star.
(c) A bat flying through the air.
(d) An owl hooting.

5. What is Marshall's name in the Egypt Game?
(a) Pharaoh Marshamosis.
(b) Pharoah Najjah.
(c) Pharoah Kontar.
(d) Pharaoh Marshotep.

6. What are April's worries before she begins school?
(a) About whether she will like the new school.
(b) About whether she will have a boyfriend.
(c) About whether she will see her mother again.
(d) About whether she will be moving again.

7. How do the children find Egypt when they return after their hiatus?
(a) The crocodile stone has been moved.
(b) The flowers are dead.
(c) Nothing has changed.
(d) The statue of Set has been damaged.

8. What is the situation with the male head of household in the new family in Casa Rosada?
(a) He travels a lot.
(b) He recently died.
(c) He is unemployed.
(d) He is in jail.

9. What does Melanie do to April before school begins?
(a) She introduces April to her friends.
(b) She gives her a makeover.
(c) She says mean things to her.
(d) She kidnaps her eyelashes.

10. What do April and Melanie decide to make to accompany the bust of Nefertiti?
(a) A tablet with hieroglyphics.
(b) A pyramid.
(c) A sphynx.
(d) A statue of Set.

11. What does April tell Melanie her name is when she meets her?
(a) April Dawn.
(b) April Seshat.
(c) Princess April.
(d) April the Great.

12. What does Melanie like to do with pictures she cuts out?
(a) She throws darts at them.
(b) She draws blemishes on them.
(c) She puts them into stories.
(d) She makes collages out of them.

13. What event saves Halloween?
(a) The culprit is found.
(b) The school holds a Halloween party.
(c) Fathers volunteer to take children trick-or-treating.
(d) The police send out extra patrols.

14. What do April and Melanie decide regarding the new family?
(a) They decide to help everyone but Emily.
(b) They will babysit for only two months.
(c) They decide to go against their parents' wishes.
(d) They will only help Elizabeth at school.

15. What is another issue for April and Melanie about the new family in Casa Rosada?
(a) They are not being compensated for their assistance.
(b) They do not think they can be of much assistance.
(c) There are too many children in the new family.
(d) Elizabeth is too young to be their friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the boy who plays the Egypt Game carry?

2. What assures the children that the Professor is not watching them?

3. What is the Professor's response to what April tells him on her first visit to his shop?

4. What does Melanie find in the location where the Egypt Game will be played?

5. What is Caroline's profession?

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