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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is April dressed when she meets Melanie?
(a) Her hair is in a ponytail, and she wears a t-shirt and tennis shoes.
(b) She is wearing an Egyptian robe and headress.
(c) She is in a fortune-teller's outfit.
(d) She wears her hair up, has false eyelashes and a fur.

2. What do April and Melanie do after April finds out what Melanie does with the pictures?
(a) They make up stories.
(b) They create artwork.
(c) They mark them up.
(d) They throw darts at them.

3. How often do April and Melanie see each other before school begins?
(a) A few times a week.
(b) Once.
(c) Almost everyday.
(d) Several times.

4. What does April tell Melanie her name is when she meets her?
(a) Princess April.
(b) April Seshat.
(c) April the Great.
(d) April Dawn.

5. Where is the Professor's shop in relation to where April is staying?
(a) Behind the alley.
(b) Next door.
(c) Across the street.
(d) Around the corner.

6. From where does the Professor watch the children play the Egypt Game?
(a) From the break room.
(b) From the roof.
(c) From his office.
(d) From a storeroom.

7. What do April and Melanie decide to make to accompany the bust of Nefertiti?
(a) A statue of Set.
(b) A sphynx.
(c) A tablet with hieroglyphics.
(d) A pyramid.

8. What event saves Halloween?
(a) The school holds a Halloween party.
(b) The culprit is found.
(c) Fathers volunteer to take children trick-or-treating.
(d) The police send out extra patrols.

9. What is Caroline's profession?
(a) A secretary.
(b) A librarian.
(c) A teacher.
(d) A telephone operator.

10. What happens during the ceremony the Egyptians perform after their long absence?
(a) The Egyptians notice something strange.
(b) They hear a scream.
(c) Marshall starts to cry.
(d) The candles go out.

11. What is the Professor's response to what April tells him on her first visit to his shop?
(a) He is helpful.
(b) He is sympathetic.
(c) He is mainly silent.
(d) He is abraisive.

12. What do April and Melanie decide regarding the new family?
(a) They decide to help everyone but Emily.
(b) They will only help Elizabeth at school.
(c) They decide to go against their parents' wishes.
(d) They will babysit for only two months.

13. What becomes April and Melanie's shared passion?
(a) King Arthur's Court.
(b) Ancient Egypt.
(c) Movie Stars.
(d) Creating artwork.

14. What other interest do April and Melanie share?
(a) Boys.
(b) All things ancient.
(c) Cooking.
(d) Pioneer life.

15. What do the children use for altars?
(a) Cinder blocks.
(b) Lawn chairs.
(c) Palettes.
(d) Boxes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Egyptians give reverence to after their long absence from Egypt?

2. Who is the evil god in the Egypt Game?

3. What material do April and Melanie use to make their accompaniment to the Nefertiti bust?

4. What idea is finally agreed upon by the Egyptians to set things right after their long absence?

5. What does Melanie do to April before school begins?

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