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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Gains and Losses.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what temple will the Ceremony of the Dead be held?
(a) The temple of Anubis.
(b) The hypostyle hall.
(c) The temple of Akhet-Aten.
(d) The Ka temple.

2. What does April hear while they are leaving Egypt at night?
(a) The sound of an alley cat yowling.
(b) Someone screaming.
(c) A loud crash.
(d) The sound of glass breaking and a voice calling for help.

3. What do the Egyptians give reverence to after their long absence from Egypt?
(a) The gods Set and Isis.
(b) The bust of Nefertiti.
(c) The crocodile stone.
(d) The god Osiris.

4. What idea is finally agreed upon by the Egyptians to set things right after their long absence?
(a) To sacrifice hair and pieces of fingernails.
(b) To write their names in blood.
(c) To offer something of value to the gods.
(d) To kill insects.

5. What suggestion is given to April and Melanie after the new family moves in?
(a) To babysit for them.
(b) To help the new family with chores.
(c) To tutor the children.
(d) To befriend Elizabeth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is another issue for April and Melanie about the new family in Casa Rosada?

2. What happens during the ceremony the Egyptians perform after their long absence?

3. What does Marshall tell the police that the Professor did that night when he and April left Egypt?

4. What do the children do before leaving Egypt on the first day of the game?

5. What type of store does the Professor own?

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