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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Confession and Confusion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is April's mother's profession?
(a) She is a cleaning lady.
(b) She is a nurse.
(c) She is an accountant
(d) She is an aspiring movie actress.

2. How do the Egyptians know when to act on their plan?
(a) They look for a sign.
(b) They will give each other a look.
(c) They will listen for the clock in the town square to strike seven.
(d) They will wait until it is time to go home.

3. What do the Egyptians name the owl's head now perched on Set's altar?
(a) Thoth.
(b) Nekhbet.
(c) Hoot.
(d) Ibis.

4. What is Toby's reaction to being in Egypt after the children are permitted outside again?
(a) He becomes bored.
(b) He is overzealous.
(c) He is belligerent.
(d) He is energized.

5. Who is selected to be the Oracle?
(a) Set.
(b) Isis.
(c) Nefertiti.
(d) Thoth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who presides over the Oracle of Thoth ceremony?

2. What is the setting for the story?

3. Which Egyptian typically wants to get permission before doing something?

4. Who is not worried whether Security will be found?

5. What does April discuss with the Professor on her first visit to his shop?

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