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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Return to Egypt.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did April get the name with which she introduces herself to Melanie?
(a) Her mother is known in Hollywood as Dorthea Dawn.
(b) From her love of Egypt.
(c) Her grandmother studied their family geneology.
(d) From a story in a magazine.

2. What happens while April is playing with Melanie?
(a) April starts feeling sick.
(b) April remembers that her mother is supposed to call.
(c) April loses her haughty attitude.
(d) They think up the Egypt Game.

3. What do April, Melanie and Marshall find when they return to the yard to play for the second time?
(a) Someone has moved their things.
(b) The bust of Nefertiti is missing.
(c) Someone has put more junk in the yard.
(d) Everything is just as they had left it.

4. Why does Melanie visit April the night before school begins?
(a) To calm April down.
(b) To help April pick out clothes.
(c) To steal her false eyelashes.
(d) To give April pointers.

5. What do the children use for altars?
(a) Palettes.
(b) Lawn chairs.
(c) Cinder blocks.
(d) Boxes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does April interpret as the sign to break off from the trick-or-treating group?

2. What are Melanie's concerns before the school year begins?

3. What material do April and Melanie use to make their accompaniment to the Nefertiti bust?

4. What does Melanie reveal about herself during April's first visit?

5. What is April's first impression of the Professor?

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