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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Egypt Girls.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is April's first impression of the Professor?
(a) She thinks he is friendly.
(b) She thinks he is funny.
(c) She feels sorry for him.
(d) She is fearful of him.

2. What does Melanie reveal about herself during April's first visit?
(a) That her friends do not like to read.
(b) That she has imaginary friends.
(c) That she does not have many friends that play imagining games.
(d) That she is afraid of spiders.

3. What connects April and Melanie as friends?
(a) They both like to play Monopoly.
(b) They like the same movie stars.
(c) Their interest in ancient Egypt.
(d) They like the same foods.

4. What are the names of the girls who play the Egypt Game?
(a) Melanie and Amy.
(b) Melanie and April.
(c) Melissa and April.
(d) Melissa and Amy.

5. How is April dressed when she meets Melanie?
(a) She is wearing an Egyptian robe and headress.
(b) Her hair is in a ponytail, and she wears a t-shirt and tennis shoes.
(c) She is in a fortune-teller's outfit.
(d) She wears her hair up, has false eyelashes and a fur.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Melanie find in the location where the Egypt Game will be played?

2. What are Melanie's concerns before the school year begins?

3. What does Melanie do to April before school begins?

4. What is NOT found in the structure where the children play the Egypt Game?

5. What is Caroline's profession?

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