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This is an imaginary place where anything can happen.

A-Z Antiques Curios Used Merchandise

This place is owned by an eccentric man.

Casa Rosada

This is the apartment building where the Rosses, the Chungs, and April and Caroline live.

Wilson School

This is the place where Melanie, Elizabeth, April, Ken, and Toby met.

Schmitt's Variety

This is where the red-haired man is employed.

Orchard Avenue

This is where Casa Rosada is located.


This is an evil god.


This is the goddess of beauty.

Crocodile Stone

This is found by April, Melanie, and Elizabeth on their way to school; it becomes a symbol for the evil god.


This is the god of writing and wisdom, and takes the form of an old stuffed owl Toby brings to the game.


This is the body of Elizabeth's pet parakeet.


This is the lean-to where the...

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