The Egypt Game Character Descriptions

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April Hall

This character is from Hollywood, but now lives with a grandmother.

The Professor (Dr. Huddleston)

This eccentric character frequently watches the children playing the Egypt Game.

Melanie Ross

This character is a sixth-grader at Wilson School and is one of the original Egyptians.

Marshall Ross

This character is a preschooler who partakes in the Egypt Game.

Caroline Hall

This character is the paternal grandmother of one of the Egyptians.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross

These characters are the parents of the two Egyptians who are brother and sister.

Mrs. Chung

This character is the mother of one of the Egyptians, and eventually becomes a worker in the curio store.

Elizabeth Chung

This character is a fourth-grader at Wilson School, and lives in a basement apartment at Casa Rosada.

Mr. Bodler

This character is a live-in janitor at Casa Rosada.

Dorothea Dawn

This character is an aspiring actress...

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