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The Discovery of Egypt

• The story begins in a university town not too long ago.

• There is a curio shop owned by an old man, called the professor, who sells antiques, curios and used merchandise.

• The neighborhood children are afraid of the Professor, not for what he says, but for what he doesn't say.

• The Professor witnesses the beginning of the Egypt Game on a day in September.

• The Professor watches the children through a window in a storeroom that looks out onto a storage yard.
• The girls, April Hall and Melanie Ross, eye all of the broken pottery and pieces of discarded goods in the yard and their imaginations kick into high gear.

• There is a lean-to that has a sagging tin roof held up by old porch pillars. Inside there is a statue of Diana and a bust of Nefertiti sitting in an old concrete birdbath...

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