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Short Answer Questions

1. Near the end of Chapter 5, "Berlin", what does Henry Adams suddenly starts to understand?

2. Why do Henry Adams and his friends attend Harvard?

3. What does Henry Adams feel correlates with the winter?

4. What political party does Henry Adams' father found?

5. What did Henry Adams' father's political party have to do to gain power?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Henry Adams say will come of his meeting with Charles and Mrs. Gaskill?

2. In "The Abyss of Ignorance" what does Henry Adams say about force?

3. How does Henry Adams' family talk him out of joining the Army?

4. In "Diplomacy", what surprised Henry Adams about they way he was welcomed to England?

5. How did Henry Adams' work in finance in "Darwinism" build a future career?

6. How does Henry Adams define the role of the church and what it condemned in "A Dynamic Theory of History"?

7. What is Henry Adams' opinion of Russia when he visits there in "Teufeldrtzck"?

8. What are the four main influences Henry Adams describes in the first chapter, "Quincy"?

9. What is Hay's role in the Spanish-American war?

10. In "Free Fight", what proves that Grant is not a reform-minded president?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Overall, what drove Henry Adams' education? Where did he receive the most education? How did he apply his education? What did Henry Adams see for the future of education? Explain how education existed throughout the entire novel.

Essay Topic 2

Henry Adams created the terms the Dynamo and the Virgin. What are the Dynamo and the Virgin? How do they relate to each other? What do they represent in the world? How do these ideas help Adams' create all of his theories of the world? Are these useful terms? Why/why not?

Essay Topic 3

Select four women that played a role in Henry Adams' life. How did he describe these women? How did he feel about them? What value did Henry Adams place on women? How did women impact Adams' theories of life and history?

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