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Short Answer Questions

1. Who else is involved in Henry Adams' journalistic investigation of the Gould scandal?

2. In Chapter 10, who said: "The world can absorb only doses of truth. Too much would kill it"?

3. In "Chaos", what countries go to war?

4. What does Henry Adams feel correlates with the winter?

5. After spending time in Europe, what does Henry Adams decide to do with this part of his education?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened to Henry Adams' political biases at Harvard?

2. In "Twilight", what makes Henry Adams feel that his generation seems to be ending?

3. What happens when Henry Adams goes on the Fortieth Parallel Survey?

4. When Henry Adams visits the South in "Washington", how does he describe it?

5. Why does Henry Adams feel he can no longer work in diplomacy?

6. What type of "new man" did New York demand in "Nunc Age" and why?

7. What makes Henry Adams feel that no art authority knows more than he does?

8. Why does Henry Adams feel his education went backwards in England and Germany?

9. Why did Henry Adams take an interest in statistics?

10. In "Twenty Years After", what does Henry Adams observe about the new generation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Henry Adams created the terms the Dynamo and the Virgin. What are the Dynamo and the Virgin? How do they relate to each other? What do they represent in the world? How do these ideas help Adams' create all of his theories of the world? Are these useful terms? Why/why not?

Essay Topic 2

"The Education of Henry Adams" shows life among both American and English high society. Compare American and English high society and explain how each impacted the education of Henry Adams and the development of his ideas of the world.

Essay Topic 3

Henry Adams often reflected on the influence of religion. How did religion influenced Henry Adams throughout his life? How did religion help form his ideas of life and how did religion impact the development of his theories? How does Henry Adams describe religion throughout the various centuries? How did these descriptions influence Adams' ideas?

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