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Short Answer Questions

1. What is revealed after Russell passes away?

2. What happens during the Adams' trip to Italy?

3. What did the Free Soil Party get from the Democrats when a Democrat became governor of Massachusetts?

4. What English company builds Ironclad rams?

5. Who did William Gladstone try to include in his support of the South?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Henry Adams say about impossibilities and his life in "A Law of Acceleration"?

2. How does Henry Adams define the role of the church and what it condemned in "A Dynamic Theory of History"?

3. Why did Henry Adams take an interest in statistics?

4. How does C.F. Adams defeat Lord Russell?

5. How does Henry Adams teach his classes at Harvard and why?

6. In "Silence", why does Henry Adams say he should remain silent?

7. What does Henry Adams say will come of his meeting with Charles and Mrs. Gaskill?

8. What happens when Henry Adams goes on the Fortieth Parallel Survey?

9. What is Henry Adams' opinion of Russia when he visits there in "Teufeldrtzck"?

10. In "Diplomacy", what surprised Henry Adams about they way he was welcomed to England?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Henry Adams spends years attending institutions of formal education. How does Henry Adams feel about formal education? What shaped his opinions? What ways does he think of to fix what is wrong with formal education?

Essay Topic 2

Explain Henry Adams' experiences with Darwinism. How does the theory keep appearing throughout his life? What ideas from Darwinism help Henry Adams develop his own theories, and what ideas does he ignore?

Essay Topic 3

Henry Adams travels between the United States and Europe quite frequently. How does he describe the two places in contrast with each other? How do they compare in terms of people, politics and progress?

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