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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the English feel about the Civil War?
(a) They are against the Union.
(b) They say they will form an alliance with whoever wins.
(c) They have no public opinion.
(d) They are in favor of the Union.

2. When does Henry Adams decide to join the Army?
(a) After the Civil War ends.
(b) After Brooks talks him into it.
(c) After the second battle of Bull Run.
(d) After the first battle of Bull Run.

3. Why does Henry Adams feel that study of the Law is closed to him?
(a) Because his grandfather was a bad lawyer.
(b) Because he does not respect the law.
(c) Because of his lack of knowledge of law.
(d) Because of his time spent in diplomacy.

4. How does the English Prime Minister try to turn Parliament against the United States in "Foes and Friends"?
(a) With a note.
(b) With blackmail.
(c) With a long speech.
(d) With money.

5. Trying to stop the English constructed rams is called what type of battle in "The Battle of the Rams"?
(a) A military battle.
(b) A silent battle.
(c) A diplomatic battle.
(d) The only battle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who publishes Henry Adams' finished piece on the Gould scandal?

2. Who does Henry Adams turn to in his investigation in the Gould scandal?

3. What almost killed Henry Adams when he was eight?

4. Who did the Lairds choose to represent them?

5. In "Boston", why did Henry Adams say he hates school?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Henry Adams, what type of American should not even think of English society?

2. In "Diplomacy", what surprised Henry Adams about they way he was welcomed to England?

3. How does Henry Adams describe the "anti-slavery doctrinaires"?

4. What does Henry Adams say about impossibilities and his life in "A Law of Acceleration"?

5. How does Henry Adams' family talk him out of joining the Army?

6. What does Henry Adams think about after learning of Hay's death?

7. What happens when Henry Adams goes on the Fortieth Parallel Survey?

8. In "Vis Nova", how does Henry Adams describe the "new American" found in the midwest?

9. When Henry Adams visits the Coutinces in France to see the Virgin, what does he discover?

10. What makes Henry Adams feel that no art authority knows more than he does?

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