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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33 A Law of Acceleration (1904).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What image does Henry Adams say is needed in "A Law of Acceleration"?
(a) A new history.
(b) A new bridge.
(c) A new leader.
(d) A new centre.

2. What did Henry Adams see the dynamo as a symbol of?
(a) Force.
(b) Infinity.
(c) Power.
(d) Charge.

3. In 1900, what was the chief interest of Washington, DC?
(a) Its distance from New York.
(b) Its recent influx of money.
(c) Its consolidation of power.
(d) Its diversity of people.

4. In "Free Fight", why did the Executive Branch attack the Supreme Court?
(a) Frank Waller.
(b) Term Limits.
(c) Gold Standard.
(d) Legal Tender.

5. What does Hay's work as Secretary of State remind Henry Adams?
(a) Anarchism.
(b) Communism.
(c) Capitalism.
(d) Socialism.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry Adams say Stockholm is pressed by?

2. How did Henry Adams describe his response to invitations to formal dinners in "The Perfection of Human Society"?

3. In 1894, where did King induce Henry Adams to visit?

4. What war breaks out in "Indian Summer"?

5. According to Henry Adams in "Vis Inertiae", what do all minds do?

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