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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33 A Law of Acceleration (1904).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reminds Henry Adams of Darwinism in "Twilight"?
(a) His dog.
(b) Geology.
(c) Society.
(d) Politics.

2. In "A Dynamic Theory of History", what does Henry Adams describe as the "development and economy of forces"?
(a) Inertia.
(b) Man.
(c) Force.
(d) Progress.

3. How does Hay primarily use his power as Secretary of State?
(a) Taking vacations overseas.
(b) Petitioning for new laws and regulations.
(c) Pushing for war.
(d) Creating treaties and alliances.

4. Who is the author of "The Grammar of Science"?
(a) Stallo.
(b) Hay.
(c) Pearson.
(d) Adams.

5. In "Twenty Years After", Henry Adams says the world is no longer what?
(a) Simple.
(b) Explainable.
(c) Poetic.
(d) Fun.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who publishes Henry Adams' finished piece on the Gould scandal?

2. Where is Henry Adams celebrated in "The Battle of the Rams"?

3. How are foreigners treated in English society?

4. In "The Height of Knowledge", what happens to President McKinley?

5. Who does Henry Adams say the social eccentrics sympathize with?

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