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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15 Darwinism (1867-1868).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is John Hay when Henry Adams first meets him?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A young, private secretary.
(c) An old newspaper reporter.
(d) A new congressman.

2. Who did the Lairds choose to represent them?
(a) Roebuck.
(b) Lamar.
(c) C.F. Adams.
(d) Mason.

3. Near the end of Chapter 5, "Berlin", what does Henry Adams suddenly starts to understand?
(a) Communism.
(b) His Harvard education.
(c) German.
(d) Beethoven.

4. How does Henry Adams feel about society in England?
(a) He sees no point in it.
(b) He worships it.
(c) He says there are too many rules.
(d) He thinks it is classier than American society.

5. How did Henry Adams describe his response to invitations to formal dinners in "The Perfection of Human Society"?
(a) He dreaded them.
(b) He looked forward to them.
(c) He returned them.
(d) He saved them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was NOT related to Henry Adams?

2. Why were Confederate cruisers able to escape British waters?

3. After returning from Europe, how does Henry Adams see the people of Washington, DC?

4. After Henry Adams moves to Dresden, which two countries start a war?

5. What political party does Henry Adams' father found?

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