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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21 Twenty Years After (1892).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Henry Adams celebrated in "The Battle of the Rams"?
(a) In Lord Russell's office.
(b) Only in the United States.
(c) At the local pub.
(d) At a reception held by Milnes.

2. How does Henry Adams feel about his voyage on the Teutonic?
(a) He says it was a sign of the past.
(b) He says it is a technological marvel.
(c) He says it was too long.
(d) He says he is suprised it floats.

3. Who is John Hay when Henry Adams first meets him?
(a) An old newspaper reporter.
(b) A young, private secretary.
(c) A teacher.
(d) A new congressman.

4. After returning from Europe, how does Henry Adams see the people of Washington, DC?
(a) Everyone seems to be anti-slavery.
(b) Everyone seems changed.
(c) Everyone seems confused.
(d) Everyone seems ignorant.

5. What does Henry Adams call "the last refuge of the educated poor"?
(a) Diplomacy.
(b) The law.
(c) Trade work.
(d) The press.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Henry Adams feel that study of the Law is closed to him?

2. In "Treason", who does Henry Adams say needs an education?

3. In "Twenty Years After", who is running for presidency?

4. Trying to stop the English constructed rams is called what type of battle in "The Battle of the Rams"?

5. What happens during the Adams' trip to Italy?

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