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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27 The Height of Knowledge (1902).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did the Lairds choose to represent them?
(a) Mason.
(b) Lamar.
(c) Roebuck.
(d) C.F. Adams.

2. How does Henry Adams say America takes tragedy in "The Height of Knowledge"?
(a) With a grain of salt.
(b) Lightly.
(c) Personally.
(d) Seriously.

3. In "The Height of Knowledge", what happens to President McKinley?
(a) He resigns.
(b) He is re-elected.
(c) He loses the election.
(d) He is assassinated.

4. At the end of "Chaos", what will Henry Adams position at North American Review be?
(a) Editor-in-Chief.
(b) Editor-at-Large.
(c) Publisher.
(d) Staff writer.

5. Why does Henry Adams return to London in "Chaos"?
(a) To go back to college.
(b) He needed to escape Grant.
(c) Because he got a new job.
(d) To make sure his article was published.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hay's work as Secretary of State remind Henry Adams?

2. When Henry Adams returns to the United States in "Chaos", what does he discover about his articles?

3. Who does Henry Adams say the social eccentrics sympathize with?

4. In "Eccentricity", how does Henry Adams describe Bright?

5. How does Hay primarily use his power as Secretary of State?

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