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Objective: In "Quincy" and "Boston", Henry Adam's outlines the major influencing factors of his youth. Among these are the remains of a Puritan outlook. The objective of this lesson is to analyze how the Puritan past still impacts Henry Adams.

1) Writing assignment: In their journals, students will respond to the following: Where does Henry say his Puritan bias comes from and what does that mean? Students should have an opportunity to share their responses with the class.

2) Class discussion: How does Charles Adams show a Puritan bias? How is Charles Adams anti-slavery? How is anti-slavery a Puritan value? What type of group were the Puritans? How does Henry Adams describe the Puritans? What morals did the Puritans have? Which of these morals does Henry Adams agree with? When were the Puritans around? Are there still Puritans in Henry Adam's life?

3) Group work: In groups, students will select...

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