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Chapter 1 Quincy (1838 - 1848) | Chapter 2 Boston (1848-1854)

• Henry Adams explains the things that were most formative in his youth.

• Henry Adams' father founded a political party and was an abolitionist.

• Henry Adams did not enjoy school, and his father was his biggest educational influence.

• Charles Sumner, an outspoken abolitionist, became Henry's hero.

Chapter 3 Washington (1850-1854) | Chapter 4 Harvard (1854-1858)

• Henry Adams visits Washington, DC and sees the South.

• The Free Soil Party starts making deals in order to gain political power.

• Henry Adams attends Harvard, but feels his time there was a waste.

Chapter 5 Berlin (1858-1859) | Chapter 6 Rome (1859-1860)

• Henry Adams travels to London and Germany, he feels both places are behind the times.

• Henry Adams "accidentally" discovers an appreciation for Beethoven. The experience is more important than all of his European education.

• After the war ends, Henry Adams travels to Italy with his sister.

• Henry Adams is impressed with...

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