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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20, "Home Again".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who plays the most significant role in getting Little Tree back from the orphanage, thereby demonstrating the deep bond between them?
(a) Pine Billy.
(b) Willow John.
(c) Granma.
(d) Granpa.

2. Why does Granpa object to people who age whiskey?
(a) He believes rich men scheme to convince people that aged whiskey is better.
(b) He believes they age whiskey to disguise the substances they add to it.
(c) He believes they are trying to disguise bad whiskey by keeping it longer.
(d) He believes that they are trying to make extra money.

3. How does Mr. Wine assure Little Tree that he is getting a good education?
(a) He says children of Little Tree's age have never heard of Shakespeare.
(b) He says most children of Little Tree's age do not learn five words per week.
(c) He says most children of Little Tree's age have learned nothing about farming and hunting.
(d) He says most children of Little Tree's age know nothing about Macbeth and Napoleon.

4. Why is Wilburn, the boy at the orphanage, as much of an outcast as Little Tree is?
(a) His clubfoot makes him different from the other children.
(b) He is African-American.
(c) He is Mexican.
(d) He is Jewish.

5. In what special activity do Little Tree and his grandparents participate on weekend evenings during the winter?
(a) Granma reads to Little Tree and Granpa.
(b) They make rugs from the deer hide.
(c) They go to church.
(d) They roast chestnuts in the fireplace.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Granpa's reason for taking Little Tree on this walk up the trail?

2. Which three people does Little Tree learn about from Granpa's stories in Chapter 5?

3. How does Granpa help Little Tree understand the seriousness of spending the money on the calf?

4. Why does Granpa pay so much attention to praising Little Tree and making him feel important?

5. Referring to people who like to take and give handouts, what similarity does Granpa describe between some people and some countries?

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