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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20, "Home Again".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In teaching Little Tree, how does Mr. Wine reinforce Granma's lessons about the spirit-mind and the body-mind?
(a) He says some education is for work and some for appreciating life.
(b) He says some education is practical and some is theoretical.
(c) He says there is modern, technical education to help you make a living and there is the education that makes you honest and caring.
(d) He says some education is technical and some is spiritual.

2. In Chapter 2, what is the most important lesson that Little Tree learns about nature?
(a) That only the strong will survive.
(b) That there is a sense of balance in nature.
(c) That small creatures need to be protected by larger ones.
(d) That the hawks help humans by killing dangerous animals.

3. What change does Little Tree make that demonstrates how much he has learned from the loss of the money spent on the calf?
(a) He resolves to keep his extra money in his fruit jar instead of in his pocket.
(b) He resolves to give his money to Granma to keep.
(c) He resolves to bury his money in his secret place.
(d) He resolves to give Granpa his money to keep.

4. How do the two men from Chattanooga make fun of Little Tree?
(a) They call him an unpleasant name because he does not recollect his father.
(b) They tease him about belonging nowhere.
(c) They call him uneducated.
(d) They laugh at his moccasins.

5. Referring to people who like to take and give handouts, what similarity does Granpa describe between some people and some countries?
(a) He says some people who take handouts are like some countries that depend on other countries like dogs.
(b) He says people who take and give handouts are like some countries that like people to be dependent on them so they can treat them like dogs.
(c) He says people who like to give charity are like some countries who help other countries and then run their affairs.
(d) He says some countries treat other countries like dogs because they give them handouts.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Granpa help Little Tree to accept the death of Ringer after he is bludgeoned in the mountains?

2. What would be the most appropriate alternate title for Chapter 4?

3. What important part does Mr. Wine play in the education of Little Tree?

4. Which character comes to visit the family in Chapter 7?

5. How does the author create sympathy in the reader for Willow John?

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