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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, "Mr. Wine".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mr. Wine light a candle at a special time?
(a) It is in memory of his grandson.
(b) It is time for the Jewish evening prayer.
(c) He believes that it is a way of sharing thoughts with his scattered relatives who light candles at the same time.
(d) It is part of the Jewish ritual.

2. Why does Granma describe some people in the world as "dead"?
(a) They are only interested in oppressing others.
(b) They are only interested in material things.
(c) They have no spirit-mind so they only see dirty if they look at a woman and they fail to see beauty in nature.
(d) They are cruel to women and abuse nature.

3. At the beginning of the novel, how is Little Tree taken to his new home?
(a) He goes by bus.
(b) He rides a bus part of the way and then walks.
(c) He goes by car.
(d) He walks.

4. How does the preacher make Granpa angry in some of his sermons?
(a) He talks with contempt about the Cherokee.
(b) He talks a lot about Pharisees or separates, while looking and pointing straight at Granpa's family.
(c) He rants and raves about whiskey makers.
(d) He talks with contempt about the Catholics.

5. At church, how does Granpa demonstrate his belief about the importance of self-sufficiency ?
(a) Granpa brings whiskey for the poor so they can learn how to sell it and save extra money.
(b) Instead of giving people money, he offers to teach them how to make whiskey.
(c) When a family loses all their furniture in a fire, Granpa brings them a chair and shows the man how to make it himself.
(d) Granpa gives no one anything; instead he offers to teach them how to plow the land for food.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Granpa pay so much attention to praising Little Tree and making him feel important?

2. How does Granpa help Little Tree understand the seriousness of spending the money on the calf?

3. In Chapter 2, how does Little Tree demonstrate that he has learned Granpa's lesson about nature's ways?

4. How does the author create sympathy in the reader for Willow John?

5. What is Little Tree especially proud of in Chapter 9?

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