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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, "Granpa's Trade".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the reader made aware that Pa eventually gets very close to the Indians?
(a) He moves into their camp.
(b) He advises them on how to remain safe from the soldiers.
(c) He eventually marries one of the young daughters.
(d) He moves them closer to where he lives.

2. How do Granma and Granpa portray the 'Trail of Tears' for Little Tree?
(a) As an incident of cruelty from which the Cherokee never recovered.
(b) As an incident of fierce aggression by the Cherokee.
(c) As an incident of shame and cowardice.
(d) As an incident of cruelty in which the Cherokee displayed pride.

3. How does Chapter 2 end?
(a) With a poem about Mon-o-lah and The Way.
(b) With a poem about love of nature.
(c) With a poem about the animals.
(d) With a poem about the sunrise on the mountain.

4. What is Granpa's reason for taking Little Tree on this walk up the trail?
(a) To show him the bees at work.
(b) To show him the way up to the mountains so he can see the sunrise.
(c) To teach him how to hunt.
(d) To expose him to the animals and teach him "The Way".

5. What does the visitor in Chapter 7 do at dinner that tempts Little Tree to forget one of his lessons about taking things?
(a) He wears bright yellow high-top shoes that Little Tree secretly craves.
(b) He brings only three small corns so Little Tree has to do without.
(c) He takes three slices of Granma's sweet potato pie, and Little Tree silently craves the last slice.
(d) He tells Little Tree he can have one of the corns, and Little Tree is tempted to take the biggest one.

Short Answer Questions

1. What would be the most appropriate alternate title for Chapter 5?

2. How does the author use contrast to show different lifestyles and characters in Chapter 7?

3. Who is Smokehouse and what role does he play in Chapter 7?

4. According to Granpa's joke, why is Ti-bi robbed by the bear, the coon and the Cherokee?

5. How does Granpa help Little Tree relate the lessons about nature to the behavior of some people?

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