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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, "Granpa's Trade".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 1, what kind of house is Little Tree taken to by his grandparents?
(a) A bungalow.
(b) A tepee.
(c) A cottage.
(d) A cabin.

2. What does Little Tree mean when he says that Granpa has a "sense of instinct"?
(a) That Granpa has a natural ability to understand what is going on among the animals during the chase.
(b) That Granpa knows the trail very well.
(c) That Granpa has common sense.
(d) That Granpa is able to smell the animals from far away.

3. How does Granpa help Little Tree relate the lessons about nature to the behavior of some people?
(a) Granpa says that people who take more than their share cause jealousy.
(b) Granpa says that people who take more than their share cause others to starve.
(c) Granpa teaches Little Tree that people who store and take more than their share contribute to wars, land-grabbing and changing nature's ways.
(d) Granpa says that people who take more than their share do better than others.

4. Why does Granpa pay so much attention to praising Little Tree and making him feel important?
(a) To build up his self-esteem and sense of worth in a world that does not show the Cherokee much respect.
(b) To ensure that he will show respect to others.
(c) To prevent him from missing his parents too much.
(d) To make him grow up proud.

5. What is the mode of narration used by the author to tell the story?
(a) The author is the narrator and knows everything.
(b) The author uses a third person narrator who is not in the story.
(c) The author uses a second person point of view.
(d) The author uses first person from a child's perspective.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Pa say farewell to Granpa when he is dying?

2. What makes Little Tree go to bed feeling happier in spite of his loss in Chapter 1?

3. Why does the author show that important lessons for Little Tree come from Granma and not Granpa?

4. By allowing him to watch the chase, how does Granpa reinforce his earlier lessons to Little Tree about the ways of nature and animals?

5. In Chapter 7, why does Granpa say that Little Tree looks like he is becoming a man?

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