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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, "I Kin Ye, Bonnie Bee".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Little Tree go to bed feeling happier in spite of his loss in Chapter 1?
(a) A good supper.
(b) He holds a gift from his mother as he goes to sleep.
(c) Granma sings him a song that makes him understand his new name.
(d) Granma and Granpa promise to take care of him.

2. What is the most important lesson that Little Tree learns from the stories heard in Chapter 5?
(a) That he has many relatives.
(b) That Granpa almost went to Chattanooga.
(c) That "kin" is all about the love and understanding between some people.
(d) The bad effects of fighting.

3. What is the mode of narration used by the author to tell the story?
(a) The author uses a third person narrator who is not in the story.
(b) The author is the narrator and knows everything.
(c) The author uses a second person point of view.
(d) The author uses first person from a child's perspective.

4. Little Tree's bed is made of what material?
(a) A large flat board covered with sheets.
(b) Old cloths stuffed in a large bag.
(c) Dried grass.
(d) Deer hide stretched on a frame of hickory posts.

5. What two important characteristics of Granpa are revealed by the description of the fox and the hounds episode?
(a) His immense respect for nature and animals and his sense of humor.
(b) Granpa's love for swimming and diving.
(c) Grandpa's great ability to catch foxes and control the hounds.
(d) Granpa's speed and agility.

Short Answer Questions

1. From the incident with the black car, what is revealed about Granpa's attitude towards words?

2. Why does the author provide signs of racism in this first chapter of the book?

3. Why is there some truth in Granpa's belief that the way people sound when they talk can be more important than the words they use?

4. Which books are Granma's favorites to read?

5. In the narration, Little Tree says he discovers later on that Granma only read some parts of the stories about George Washington. What reason does Little Tree suggest for this?

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