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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18, "Down From the Mountain".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Little Tree learning from the way in which Granma and Granpa deal with any extra money that they get from the whiskey?
(a) The importance of giving extra money to those who are worse off.
(b) To make a list of things to buy with extra money.
(c) The importance of saving extra money.
(d) To take the money to the bank.

2. How does Granpa's disposal of the whiskey demonstrate that he is observing the lessons he teaches Little Tree about nature's ways?
(a) He keeps the whiskey in case of snake bites.
(b) He gives away most of the whiskey he makes.
(c) He only makes a small amount of whiskey.
(d) He sells the whiskey for just a little more than what they need to get by.

3. How does Little Tree's innocence and trust lead him to lose his money?
(a) Pine Billy encourages him to use the money in a scheme to make more money.
(b) The sharecropper pleads with him to give his daughter some money.
(c) A calf owner convinces him to buy a sick calf that soon dies.
(d) The preacher encourages him to throw his extra money in the collection plate for the poor.

4. How does the author establish Granma's resourcefulness in Chapter 12?
(a) She sends Little Tree to the neighboring cabin to get help.
(b) She quickly takes charge of the situation and does everything that's necessary to make things right.
(c) She hurries Little Tree and Granpa to the cabin where she quickly finds remedies.
(d) She uses a Cherokee cry to alert other mountain people to the problem.

5. How is Granpa's approach to making whiskey different from that of the "city criminals" who just want to make money?
(a) Granpa only uses water to increase the volume.
(b) Granpa puts nothing in his whiskey to increase volume while others add various substances to increase the volume.
(c) Granpa only uses lye to increase the volume.
(d) Granpa only uses sugar to increase the volume.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do religious and cultural beliefs cause Little Tree and the sharecropper's daughter to act negatively towards each other?

2. In the incident when Granpa sees the old farmhouse in the clearing, why is Granpa surprised by the soldier's treatment of the people on the farm when he returns there later?

3. What is the Trail of Tears?

4. Granma accidentally reads about a law introduced by George Washington and this gets Granpa very angry. What law is this?

5. How do the Cherokee who escape from the soldiers into the hollows survive?

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