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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18, "Down From the Mountain".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Granma make for Little Tree to wear for his first walk up the trail with Granpa?
(a) A hat to protect him from the sun.
(b) A bag to take his food.
(c) A warm coat.
(d) Boot moccasins.

2. How does Mr. Wine assure Little Tree that he is getting a good education?
(a) He says most children of Little Tree's age know nothing about Macbeth and Napoleon.
(b) He says children of Little Tree's age have never heard of Shakespeare.
(c) He says most children of Little Tree's age do not learn five words per week.
(d) He says most children of Little Tree's age have learned nothing about farming and hunting.

3. In what special activity do Little Tree and his grandparents participate on weekend evenings during the winter?
(a) They roast chestnuts in the fireplace.
(b) They make rugs from the deer hide.
(c) They go to church.
(d) Granma reads to Little Tree and Granpa.

4. What is Little Tree planning to do with the extra coins he is keeping in his pocket from his savings?
(a) Buy a dictionary to learn new words.
(b) Buy a candy box for Granma's Christmas present.
(c) Buy a hat for Granpa.
(d) Buy candy for the sharecropper's daughter.

5. What do Little Tree's grandparents reveal about the Cherokee style of passing on information and lessons from one generation to the other?
(a) There is no writing system so valuable information is lost.
(b) They use a special writing system.
(c) They use the oral tradition in which stories are used to pass on information.
(d) They use symbols on caves.

Short Answer Questions

1. From the incident with the black car, what is revealed about Granpa's attitude towards words?

2. The author shares many Cherokee symbols with the reader. What is revealed in Chapter 14 about the meaning of an Indian holding up his palm?

3. Who guides the family when it comes to books, decisions and words?

4. How does Mr. Wine's death shed light on the previous incident in which he prays and then walks away without acknowledging Little Tree's gratitude for the yellow coat?

5. How does the author reveal that the policeman might be wrong to put the driver of the black car in jail?

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