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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18, "Down From the Mountain".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose scent does Granpa expect the hounds to pick up to start the hunt in Chapter 4?
(a) Ol' Trickster, the fox.
(b) Ol' Slipper, the fox.
(c) Ol' Runner, the fox.
(d) Ol' Slick, the fox.

2. Why does Granpa enjoy hunting even though he has never killed a fox in his life?
(a) Granpa enjoys hunting because it keeps him active.
(b) Granpa enjoys hunting because it makes Little Tree laugh.
(c) Granpa enjoys the fun of watching the hounds chase the fox and then seeing the fox outwit the hounds.
(d) Granpa enjoys hunting because of the lessons he learns from it.

3. What is Granpa's reason for taking Little Tree on this walk up the trail?
(a) To show him the bees at work.
(b) To expose him to the animals and teach him "The Way".
(c) To teach him how to hunt.
(d) To show him the way up to the mountains so he can see the sunrise.

4. According to Granpa's story about the farm, who was in charge of the land when Granpa was growing up?
(a) Granpa's family had the run of the land.
(b) The land was occupied by Union soldiers and run by politicians.
(c) The Confederates were in charge of the land.
(d) The Cherokees were in charge of the land.

5. How does Granpa make his living?
(a) Selling crops at the settlement store.
(b) Selling meat at the settlement store.
(c) Selling fish at the settlement store.
(d) Making and selling whiskey.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of the chapter "The Farm in the Clearing", what inhuman scene does Granpa describe to Little Tree?

2. What does Little Tree learn about Granpa when he hears him say "I kin ye Bonnie Bee"?

3. When the soldiers drive the Cherokee from their land, how do the Cherokee show their pride?

4. How does Little Tree's innocence and trust lead him to lose his money?

5. What reason does Granpa suggest as the only logical explanation for this law of George Washington's that makes him so angry?

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