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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18, "Down From the Mountain".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the lady in the black car frustrated by Granpa's answer?
(a) She thinks Granpa is being rude.
(b) She thinks Granpa is deaf.
(c) She thinks Granpa is a foreigner.
(d) Granpa directs them toward a mountain, due west.

2. How do the events in Chapter 12 demonstrate the importance of Granma's knowledge of plants and herbs?
(a) It helps to stop Little Tree's arm from swellling.
(b) It stops Little Tree's bleeding.
(c) It helps her to save someone's life.
(d) It soothes Granpa's bear bite.

3. What does the reader learn about Granpa from his reaction to the lady in the black car who is rude to him?
(a) He does not understand insults.
(b) He has a very bad temper.
(c) He is afraid of people who insult others.
(d) He is able to maintain his dignity even when treated badly.

4. In what two ways does the author introduce humor in the incident with the two men from Chattanooga?
(a) By describing how Little Tree outwits them and sends them running from the hounds.
(b) By describing how Little Tree sets the hounds on them and they are chased into the freezing river.
(c) By describing how the men fall into poison ivy and how Granma cooks them fish with roots that cause diarrhea.
(d) By describing how Granpa leads them to the edge of the cliff and taunts them until they beg for forgiveness.

5. How is the reader made aware that Pa eventually gets very close to the Indians?
(a) He moves them closer to where he lives.
(b) He eventually marries one of the young daughters.
(c) He moves into their camp.
(d) He advises them on how to remain safe from the soldiers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is the best alternate title for Chapter 14?

2. What is Granpa's reason for taking Little Tree on this walk up the trail?

3. What is the name of the part of the mountain trail between the mountains where the trail becomes thinner?

4. How does Chapter 2 end?

5. According to his grandparents, why is it important for Little Tree to learn about his past?

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