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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, "A Dangerous Adventure".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the narration, Little Tree says he discovers later on that Granma only read some parts of the stories about George Washington. What reason does Little Tree suggest for this?
(a) She wants Granpa to have someone to admire.
(b) She thinks Granpa will get angry.
(c) She doesn't want Little Tree exposed to violent stories.
(d) She doesn't want to upset Little Tree.

2. How does Granpa help Little Tree to accept the death of Ringer after he is bludgeoned in the mountains?
(a) Granpa says Ringer is aware of being found and taken home so he dies feeling better.
(b) Granpa says Ringer dies knowing that Little Tree appreciates his help in the mountains.
(c) Granpa says Ringer knows that his time has come so he dies happy.
(d) Granpa says Ringer knows his injuries are too serious so he accepts he has to die.

3. Which book is always available at Little Tree's cabin and why?
(a) A book about the Cherokees so that Little Tree can learn his heritage.
(b) A special book about nature because Little Tree's grandparents want him to love nature.
(c) A dictionary because Little Tree has to learn five words every week.
(d) A bible so that Little Tree can read more about the lessons he hears at church.

4. Who guides the family when it comes to books, decisions and words?
(a) Pa.
(b) Granma.
(c) Granpa.
(d) The librarian.

5. What does the woman in the black car ask when she stops Little Tree and Granpa on their way back from the settlement?
(a) If they want a ride home.
(b) The way to the church.
(c) The way to the cabin.
(d) The way to Chattanooga.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 12, how does the author demonstrate Granpa's respect for the animals?

2. How does Granpa help Little Tree overcome feeling empty and sad after Ringer's death?

3. Who does Granpa ask about the law that made him angry?

4. In his reaction to this visitor, what characteristics does Little Tree display that he will have to overcome in order to avoid difficulties with some people outside his family?

5. Why is the lady in the black car frustrated by Granpa's answer?

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