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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, "Church-Going".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Pa say farewell to Granpa when he is dying?
(a) He tells Granpa to remember his heritage and pass it on to other Cherokee.
(b) He reminds Granpa about kin and the fact that the mountains will not change and Pa tells him how much he cares for him.
(c) He tells Granpa it is time to surrender and end the fighting.
(d) He tells Granpa to continue to fight for the Nation.

2. How do Granma and Granpa portray the 'Trail of Tears' for Little Tree?
(a) As an incident of cruelty in which the Cherokee displayed pride.
(b) As an incident of shame and cowardice.
(c) As an incident of fierce aggression by the Cherokee.
(d) As an incident of cruelty from which the Cherokee never recovered.

3. In Chapter 6, how does the author explain that Pa knows Indians are around?
(a) He sees the remains of fires and cooked meat.
(b) He sees smoke signals across the mountain.
(c) After leaving certain items in the forest, he comes back to find a long Indian knife, a tomahawk and only some of what he left.
(d) He hears the Indians whispering in the mountains.

4. What change does Little Tree make that demonstrates how much he has learned from the loss of the money spent on the calf?
(a) He resolves to bury his money in his secret place.
(b) He resolves to give Granpa his money to keep.
(c) He resolves to give his money to Granma to keep.
(d) He resolves to keep his extra money in his fruit jar instead of in his pocket.

5. In Chapter 6, the author reveals that Pa becomes a warrior late in his life. For whom does he fight?
(a) He fights for the Indians against the soldiers.
(b) He fights for the government against foreigners.
(c) He fights for the Confederates against the government.
(d) He fights for the Scottish army against the Americans.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Little Tree's grandparents reveal about the Cherokee style of passing on information and lessons from one generation to the other?

2. How does the preacher make Granpa angry in some of his sermons?

3. How do religious and cultural beliefs cause Little Tree and the sharecropper's daughter to act negatively towards each other?

4. According to his grandparents, why is it important for Little Tree to learn about his past?

5. What do Little Tree and the sharecropper's daughter have in common?

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