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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, "Church-Going".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What lesson does the author teach the reader in Chapter 6, based on how the Indians responded to the oppression by the soldiers?
(a) Oppressed people can remain strong and proud.
(b) The oppressed should fight back even if it causes more deaths.
(c) The oppressed will always turn against each other in order to escape death.
(d) The oppressed should surrender in order to save lives.

2. According to the news heard in Chapter 11, what is causing people in New York to die?
(a) A serious epidemic that causes depression.
(b) Overcrowding and the spread of illnesses.
(c) Severe snow storms.
(d) They are killing themselves by jumping off roofs.

3. How does Granpa help Little Tree understand the seriousness of spending the money on the calf?
(a) Granpa makes Little Tree go without his earnings for the next two weeks.
(b) Granpa sends him to find the man who sold him the calf and demand his money.
(c) Granpa makes Little Tree write down on paper how much he spent and lost.
(d) Granpa reduces Little Tree's stake in the business.

4. How do Granma and Granpa portray the 'Trail of Tears' for Little Tree?
(a) As an incident of cruelty from which the Cherokee never recovered.
(b) As an incident of fierce aggression by the Cherokee.
(c) As an incident of cruelty in which the Cherokee displayed pride.
(d) As an incident of shame and cowardice.

5. How does the author demonstrate that despite being poor, the sharecropper is instilling pride in his daughter?
(a) The sharecropper chastises his daughter for talking to Little Tree.
(b) The sharecropper tells Granpa to keep his grandson away from his daughter.
(c) The sharecropper whips his daughter's legs and tells her to give back the moccasins Little Tree gives to her.
(d) The sharecropper forbids his daughter to speak to Little Tree.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 6, the author reveals that Pa becomes a warrior late in his life. For whom does he fight?

2. In Chapter 16, what does the author suggest about the importance of the church teachings to Granpa and Little Tree?

3. According to his grandparents, why is it important for Little Tree to learn about his past?

4. What is unusual about the type of church that Little Tree's family attends?

5. How does the preacher make Granpa angry in some of his sermons?

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