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Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote the book that L'Amour had in his back pocket when he met Gillespie?

2. At what distance did Billy Dixon shoot an Indian off his horse?

3. What languages did the man speak in addition to his native tongue who told L'Amour about the "Sejarah Melayu"?

4. How many days did it take when L'Amour and his fellow officers traveled on the U.S.S. Boise to get from Europe to the U.S. .

5. In what region did many of the black empires exist?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was Billy Dixon?

2. How did L'Amour learn about the "Sejarah Melayu"?

3. After World War II when L'Amour was living in Los Angeles, where would L'Amour often go?

4. Describe the brother and sister L'Amour met in Shanghai.

5. What were some social activities that were popular in the West?

6. What is the plot of L'Amour's story "The Walking Drum"?

7. In Chapter 21, how did L'Amour get a typewriter?

8. How was L'Amour first able to learn the stories from Iran's great Book of Kings?

9. Why didn't L'Amour ever work on a story with anyone?

10. Who was Singapore Charlie?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 4, L'Amour began riding the rails with other hobos. Compare and contrast some of the men L'Amour met when riding the rails.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss L'Amour mean when he said that t a writer's brain was like a magician's hat.

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 28, L'Amour stated that his book was a record of his search for knowledge. Discuss why the book was a record of L'Amour's search for knowledge.

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