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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did L'Amour have his first and worst bout with seasickness?
(a) Bermuda.
(b) Tahiti.
(c) Cape Hatteras.
(d) West Indies.

2. Where was the first place that L'Amour looked for a job in Los Angeles?
(a) Newspaper.
(b) Docks.
(c) Grocery store.
(d) Factory.

3. Where was L'Amour working in Klamath Falls, Oregon?
(a) Factory.
(b) Library.
(c) Ranch.
(d) Sawmill.

4. At the time of the writing of the book, how long were L'Amour and the Irishman who loaned him money friends?
(a) 60 years.
(b) 38 years.
(c) 58 years.
(d) 25 years.

5. Where did most of the stories in "Arabian Nights" originate?
(a) Egypt.
(b) Persia.
(c) Arabia.
(d) India.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did L'Amour drink after his walk from Death Valley?

2. In what battle was General George Crook fought to a standstill?

3. How long did a boy tell L'Amour that Arabs had been in the East Indies?

4. How tall was L'Amour as an adult?

5. What did L'Amour use to kill rabbits at his parents' new home?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did L'Amour save himself a lot of hardship?

2. Who was the man in Chapter 4 who gave L'Amour a ride to Tucson?

3. Why did seaman prefer to ship from the west coast?

4. How did L'Amour describe his life?

5. Describe the steelworker who started following the rails with L'Amour.

6. How did L'Amour get away from the steelworker who expected L'Amour to take care of him?

7. Who were some army officers who wrote about the Indian and his culture?

8. Describe the mine where L'Amour was to be a caretaker.

9. What was old man Peterson's story?

10. How did Shorty Harris lose a rich claim?

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