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Jamestown, North Dakota

This was the author's hometown until he dropped out of school.


These were a constant companion of the author while he wandered the world seeking an education.


This was where L'Amour was when his high school class prepared to graduate.

The Liverpool Kiss

This was a karate move.

The Ballad of Fisher's Boarding House

This was a poem by Kipling.

Doubtful Canyon

This is where Peterson claimed to have witnessed a vicious attack on a stagecoach by Apache Indians.

San Pedro

This was a port where L'Amour would sign up for seagoing missions.

European Theater

This was where L'Amour won four Bronze Stars for bravery.


This is where L'Amour settled with his elderly parents and settled down to write.

L'Amour's Typewriter

L'Amour almost lost this when he could not pay the monthly fee, but the man who owned it never came to...

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