Education of a Wandering Man Fun Activities

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L'Amour's Other Books

Read one of L'Amour's other books.

Interview Questions

Write a list of ten questions that you would ask L'Amour if you could interview him.


Choose a poem from "Departmental Ditties" by Rudyard Kipling and read or recite it to a group.

L'Amour's Book List

Create a list of books that L'Amour mentioned reading.

Map It

Use a blackline map to show places where L'Amour lived and worked.

Working Education

Discuss with a group whether it would be possible for a young man or woman to work and obtain an education the way that L'Amour did.

Quotation Booklet

Make a booklet using the quotes before chapters in the book.

Ideal Education

Consider the perfect means for you to get an education. Write and describe what would be your ideal education and explain why that would be the best education for you.

Billy Dixon

Consider the...

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