Education of a Wandering Man Character Descriptions

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Louis L'Amour

A high school dropout, this person went on to become a popular, prolific author.


This man was seven when his family's homestead was attached by Apache Indians. Rather than kill him, he was raised by Apaches.


When L'Amour lived with his parents on a ranch in Oklahoma, he became acquainted with Gillespie who lived on a nearby farm. He borrowed books from Gillespie who was an avid reader. The two men would discuss what they had read for hours.

Alfred Dickey

This person established a library in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Kathy L'Amour

This person was married to a author. .

Parker L'Amour

This person was a writer and news reporter.

Mr. & Mrs. L. C. La Moore

This couple had a child who became an author of many books.

Petrolle Boys

These people were well-know boxers.

Ernest Hemingway

The author of the book enjoyed reading the...

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