Education of a Wandering Man Character Descriptions

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Louis L'Amour - A high school dropout, this person went on to become a popular, prolific author.

Peterson - This man was seven when his family's homestead was attached by Apache Indians. Rather than kill him, he was raised by Apaches.

Gillespie - When L'Amour lived with his parents on a ranch in Oklahoma, he became acquainted with Gillespie who lived on a nearby farm. He borrowed books from Gillespie who was an avid reader. The two men would discuss what they had read for hours.

Alfred Dickey - This person established a library in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Kathy L'Amour - This person was married to a author. .

Parker L'Amour - This person was a writer and news reporter.

Mr. & Mrs. L. C. La Moore - This couple had a child who became an author of many books.

Petrolle Boys - These people were well-know boxers.


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