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Chapters 1 and 2

• When L'Amour's high school class graduated in North Dakota, he was in Singapore as a shipmate on a seagoing vessel.

• L'Amour viewed his journey as an adventure rather than a work assignment.

• Though L'Amour dropped out of high school, he was a strong believer in education.

• He believed that education was available to anyone who was near a library, newsstand or a post card.

• There is no excuse for not having time to read; L'Amour read 25 books while waiting--for the dentist, for interviews, or in restaurants for friends.

• Education became a lifelong interest for L'Amour.

• Though a formal education through a university can provide a guideline, a real education occurs through life.
• Because of the dismal salaries teachers were paid, L'Amour believed that education might eventually produce fourth-rate citizens.

• Both education and morality have to begin at home.

• There were two reasons why L'Amour left school...

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