Objects & Places from Educated: A Memoir

Tara Westover
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This is what Tara's mother practiced so that the family could further their community's independence from doctors. This is a trade Tara's father pushed her mother into.


This is what Tara's mother attempted to do for her children, but she was often undermined by her husband. She succeeded at this for many years, eventually abandoning it and leaving the children to their own devices.

Indian Princess

This is the impression that appeared on Buck's Peak when spring came and things started to bloom. Tara felt a kinship with the mountain, and this image made her feel safe.


This is the land Tara and her family live on in Idaho. This place is where Tara views the world from and where her father built a family fortress.


This is something Tara was naturally talented at. When Tara did this, her father would feel a great...

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