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Jean Stein
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Short Answer Questions

1. What artistic vocation did Francis Sedgwick devote himself to?

2. In what branch of the military did Francis' brother, Minturn, serve during World War Two?

3. What year did Edie begin attending St. Timothy's school?

4. In what position did the first Sedgewick on record serve in the Massachusetts Bay colony?

5. Who was Gabrielle Ladd?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did life change for the Sedgwicks when they moved to their third ranch, Rancho la Laguna de San Francisco?

2. What effect did oil money have on the Sedgwicks in the 1950s?

3. What troubles did Edie's brother Minty have in his short life?

4. What conversation does Saucie recall having with Edie in 1960 after she had left St. Timothy's?

5. What does Saucie recall about her rebelliousness as a young woman?

6. How did Edie behave at St. Timothy's school?

7. Who did Edie keep in her company when she moved to Cambridge in 1963?

8. What is the intended purpose of the circular burial of Sedgwicks around Judge's Theodore Sedgwick's tomb?

9. Describe Judge Theodore Sedgwick's unusual burial site.

10. Why is it important for the reader to know about Edie Sedgwick's family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Edie's parents and her relationship with them. Describe Francis Sedgwick. What was his relationship like with his children? Was he to blame for their psychological problems? Why or why not? Describe Alice Sedgwick. What was her relationship like with her children? How did she deal with her husband's infidelities?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Edie's childhood. What was the family dynamic like living on the ranch? What events took place during Edie's childhood which may have affected her?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss homosexuality as it is portrayed in Edie, An American Biography. Describe Edie's personal experiences with homosexuality, including her brothers' struggle with their father over his own homosexuality.

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