Objects & Places from Edie, an American Biography

Jean Stein
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The Factory

This was Andy Warhol's art studio.

New York City, New York

This was where Edie Sedgwick moved to in 1964.

Andy Warhol's Apartment

This was a separate part of a famous art studio.

Stockbridge, Connecticut

This is the Sedgwick ancestral home.

Boston, Massachusetts

This is where Harvard, Francis Sedgwick's alma mater, is located.

Chelsea Hotel

This is where Edie lived during her relationship with Bob Dylan.

Corral de Quati

This is the Sedgwick family home.

Rancho la Laguna

This is the 6,000 acre Sedgwick ranch.

McKeesport, Pennsylvania

This is birthplace of Andy Warhol.

Groton School

This is a private school attended by the Sedgwick children.


This was a magazine that featured Edie's photographs.

Experimental Film

This was what Edie worked on with Andy Warhol.

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